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  • Date/Time
    Date(s) - 20/09/2017
    9:30 am - 12:00 pm

  • Speaker 1:

    Denis Desire Stephan Mourghen
    Head of IT , Taylor Smith Group

    Denis Mourghen is a passionate of Computer Science, having acquired some industry certifications (MCP, MCSE, MCT, VCP, CEH, ECSA/LPT, CEI, CCNA) and has continued his academic journey by completing his MBA.  He also shares his passion during his free time by providing training in various technologies while at the same time making the balance with his favorite sports of Traditional Jujitsu which he practices also.  He is currently the Head of IT at Taylorsmith Group which role is to mainly facilitate the transition to the Digital transformation of the organization.  With more than 14 years of experience Denis likes taking up challenges.

    Speaker 2:

    Vashinee Bheemul
    Director, Vector Technologies

    Vashinee Bheemal is a strategic business consultant with forward-thinking in the technology industry. Gold Medalist with the British Computer Society in the category Technology Excellence Award 2015 has boost up her confidence to excel more in the same field.

    Her contribution to this industry has been tremendous and achieved remarkable sucesses in various national projects such as setting up a “Pioneer Cloud” in the SME segment in Mauritius.Aligned with the Government vision, she has been able to provide her extensive knowledge and applied experience in the SMART city projects such as Backend Intelligence for SMART Port Louis; SMART Energy projects for Saving Energy are among other. She has always been a voice for the female empowerment in the worksplace.

    Speaker 3:

    Anoushka Thielamay
    Manager of Implementation at Ceridian

    Anoushka is a dynamic, fun-loving and self-driven IT professional who lives at
    GRNW with her husband, beautiful little daughter of 7 years old and Patoush her
    She has over ten years of experience in the field of Information Technology mainly in Software Development. She started her career at TNT as a Trainee Analyst programmer and gradually climbed up the ladder to become the first female Technical Lead. 8 years later, her career shifted from a technical role as she stepped into the world of People
    Management. She particularly enjoys the challenge of managing people and her experience has taught her that complicated technologies can be far easier to handle than people.
    Anoushka is currently Manager of Implementation at Ceridian and takes her role seriously with a touch of fun, humility and positivity. This has driven her to Win the Team Leader award of the Year 2015.
    Anoushka is also passionate about Fashion & Design and spends her spare time sewing most of her wardrobe items and those of her daughter.
    Her Home décor and upholsteries always reflect the latest trend while her husband who is a construction manager takes care of the renovation the house.
    Anoushka is great fan of junk food but remains very strict with the diet of her daughter, that her husband and that of her dog too!
    Her guiding principle in life is that hard work and grit is the key to ultimate success.

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